We free you from closed system silos while increasing your flexibility and reducing your costs.

Maximize Flexibility - Your Claims Bridge

Work with one or more systems of your, or better yet, your customers choice. Maximize flexibility by being able to work with any repairer, regardless of the estimating system(s) they use. Break the closed silo lock that limits what you can do and who you can work with. Eliminate unecessary friction mandating adds to your claims handling process.

Minimize Tools Cost - Documents are the Claim

Reduce the need for everybody to have estimating products. Imagine replacing subscriptions plus computers with a single system that uses the work product (documents) of the estimating platforms. Since repairers/IA's/TPS's are writing estimates anyway, why not focus on reviewing them rather than recreating them in another system.

Minimize Claim Infrastructure Cost

Replace data storage and related MIS expenses with more cost effective document management. Store complete claims packets as documents rather than as database records. With CPD you have access to all the information in the documents to create key evaluation metrics at the time of yor choosing.

  • Your normal claims adjusting process
  • Estimate documents uploaded to cloud
  • CDP and ML auto-adjucation
  • Supplements/Subrogation process same as usual between adjustor/repairer/other insurers
  • Claim closed, store the final document(s). Extract metrics.

Open Toolkit of Functions

We provide web-based tools that can be directly integrated into your existing infrastructure using restful API.

Integrate InsurTech Toolkit functions with your existing claims systems. Secure transmission between systems.

Data science / claims consulting services can provided on an individual paid basis.

Products and Prices

Property and Casualty Claims (Insurance Companies / Third Party Administrators / Independent Appraisal Companies) / Repair Community Software Providers

For additional information: email us at info@InsurTechToolkit.com.